Native Herb and Garlic Damper Mix

Native Herb and Garlic Damper Mix


A native adaption of the much-loved garlic bread has herbaceous hints of Sea Celery, Sea Parsley and Geraldton Wax, and is perfectly complemented by Kangaroo Island garlic to create a distinctive and addictive Aussie damper.

Enjoy freshly baked with lashings of butter, and cheese on top of a little extra-indulgence.

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Dampers are inspired by the age-old damper bread cooked in hot campfire ash by First Nations Australians for millennia – who were perhaps the first bakers on earth! Simply mix with a can of beer (or water) to make a fantastic campfire-style Aussie damper.

For extra ‘outback’ flavour, pour damper batter into hot ash (not live large coals) on the side of the campfire, cover with more hot ash, sand, and smaller coals. Cook until crusty and “hollow sounding” when tapped. Brush the ash off the hot loaf with gum leaves.




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Dimensions 140 × 70 × 220 mm

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