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Force Majeur

Where either party is wholly or in part unable by reason of a force majeur event such as (but not limited to) an Act of God, strike, lockout, war, invasion, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) rebellion, insurrection, pandemic or epidemic, disturbance, lightning, fire, earthquake, storm, flood, explosion, governmental restraint or embargo, unavailability or delay in availability of Goods or transport, inability or delay in obtaining government approvals, or any other cause which is not reasonably within the control of the affected party (i.e. a force majeure event), to carry out any obligation under this agreement and that party:

(a) gives the other party prompt notice of that force majeure with full particulars of the probable extent to which it will be unable to perform, or be delayed in performing its obligations under this agreement; and

(b) uses all possible diligence to remove that force majeure as soon as possible; then those obligations shall be suspended so far as it is affected by the force majeure event and during its continuance provided that:

(a) an obligation to pay money is never excused by force majeure; and

(d) the requirement that any force majeure event shall be removed with all possible diligence shall not require the settlement of strikes, lockouts, or other labour disputes, or claims or demands by any government, on terms contrary to the wishes of the party affected.

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