Adults, Corporate and Communities

Introduction to Australian native edible flora: Talk & Taste:

For team building, aged-care facilities, government/council departments, workplaces of all sizes, staff development, corporate, community groups.

Display talk/purpose

Oz Tukka’s learning experience is designed to introduce attendees to the vast range of Australian native botanicals that are available.
A highly engaging and interactive presentation discussing the edible, medicinal and cultural uses of a range of species.
We explain how we process and use native ingredients in our products.

Display/talk outcome

·Broaden the knowledge of attendees on a range of native botanicals for cooking and gardening.
·Build confidence to engage in the bushfood discussion.
·Change the aspect of how people think about native food and hopefully they’ll embrace it and use it every day.
·Create amazement that we have all this bush food that we never utilise.

Display/talk details

·Presented by Linda (& Ray if required) using a PowerPoint presentation or laminated pictures for visuals (can be held indoor or outdoor).
·Discussion of up to 8 native botanicals, dried & fresh, for cooking and growing.
·Seeing and smelling up to 8 native botanicals to stimulate the senses.
·Tastings of some dried native fruits and berries included.

Presentations can be held with groups of all sizes & generally run for 1-1.5 hours.

For more information & bookings, please contact us:

Also available by prior arrangement:

  • Bushfood plant & information kits.
  • Guidance on bushfood garden species planting.
  • Bushfood education games/resources.
  • Native flavoured food tastings eg. muffins, biscuits, cheese/crackers, cordial and teas (conditions apply).
  • Spice kits with recipes.
  • A range of gourmet bushfood products from Oz Tukka & other native food producers.
  • Cookbooks & bushfood garden books.