Australian Native Edible Flora: Talk & Taste

Bushfoods Introduction: Talk & Taste

This resource-rich, show-and-tell program is a great introduction to Australian native edible flora. Stimulating the senses by seeing, touching, smelling & tasting up to 5 native botanicals.                                                                                                                                                          


The Experience

  • Introduce children (& educators of course!) to a range of native botanicals that is available.

  • Edible & medicinal uses of a range of species.

  • Familiarise children with sight, touch & taste of Australian native edible flora.

  • Presented using laminated pictures & books for visuals.

  • Discussion of up to 5 native botanicals, dried & fresh (pending availability), for cooking and growing.

  • Seeing, touching, smelling & tasting up to 5 native botanicals to stimulate the senses.

  • Tastings of some dried & fresh (pending availability), native fruits and berries included.


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