Fingerlime Marmalade

Fingerlime Marmalade


Strong, wonderfully aromatic and bitter, like a real marmalade should be!

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Cracking open the jar of Finger Lime Marmalade starts your mouth watering as the aroma fills the kitchen. Wonderfully strong flavoured, bitter and aromatic making a complete marmalade experience unparalleled by anything before it.

Perfect compliment for a sourdough or rye toast in the morning.

Also used as a spicy chutney, baste on duck in the last 15 minutes of cooking or as a starter in stir fry. Use as the flavour in a spicy sauce or syrup & can be used as a substitute for tamarind paste in Asian style cooking.


Ingredients: Finger Limes Citrus australasica(24%), Fresh Lime juice, Cane Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Lemon Myrtle, Citrus Pectin.

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