Sea Celery

Sea Celery


Sea Celery is a coastal species that may be used as a flavoursome herb or vegetable.

Resembling young celery shoots in appearance and texture, this bush tucker is an interesting native substitute for European celery.

Sea Celery can be found growing wild on sandy beaches and salt marshes in Victoria, SA and WA.

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Sea Celery grows naturally along coastal areas in southern states of Australia and resembles young celery shoots in appearance and texture.

Oz Tukka’s Sea Celery is a native substitute for European celery and adds salty notes to any dish, carrying hints of the ocean in its unique flavour.

Use Apium annuum to flavour soups, salads, chicken and seafood dishes.

Ingredients: 100% dried Sea Celery. 25g in a re-sealable pouch.

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