Peppy Quince Paste

Peppy Quince Paste


A vibrant spicy quince paste great with soft cheeses such as brie or hard cheeses including blue cheese. But also great with vegan burgers!

The Tasmanian Pepperberry gives it an extra fresh, fruity dimensions and little pockets of pepper that give you a burst of bush flavour and peppery bite!

Gluten Free
Preservative Free


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Gold medal award winner multiple times over at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards!

Peppy Quince Paste could save your night!
Imagine arriving at a dinner party empty handed. Oh the shame!
Now imagine turning up a with a jar of Peppy Quince Paste, crackers and a block of fine brie to create a memorable and uniquely Tasmanian cheese platter.  Instant favourite guest!

This hand crafted paste compliments most cheeses. The fresh and bold flavour also lends itself well to stronger cheeses such as blue cheese and cheddar, as well as mild brie and Camembert.

It also pairs well with meats or makes a sauce base especially well suited to wallaby.

Quince and lemons used in this product were harvested through an urban harvest project.  We source beautifully ripe and aromatic organic quinces that have been grown in gardens across Hobart to make this hand crafted paste almost 100% Tasmanian.

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Weight 0.40 g
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 10 cm

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