Pepper Berry

Pepper Berry



Oz Tukka Tasmanian Pepper Berry has an incredibly spicy, fruity flavour followed by a hot, peppery zing.

Put them in your pepper mill and taste the difference!

The hotness of the pepper will reduce with the cooking time so add a little just before serving if you like the peppery zing. Slow cooking enhances the full flavour of the pepper berry and removes the hotness.

It is excellent in dishes like casseroles and soups and adds the ‘wow factor’ to red meats and game. Also great in marinades.

The re-hydrated berries releases a beautiful purple colour. Use Tasmanian pepper berries in any dish you would like to add a bit of zing to.

Ingredients: 100% Pepper Berry-whole-dried. 25g in a re-sealable pouch.


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Weight 33 g


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