Native Bees of the Hunter Poster

Native Bees of the Hunter Poster

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This is a beautifully illustrated poster of the Native Bees of the Hunter Region by Newcastle natural history illustrator Gina Cranson.

We are so blessed to have one just for the Hunter Valley & by a local artist!

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The native bees of the Hunter region A2 size poster features 12 native bees that occur in the Hunter: the Blue-Banded Bee; Domino Cuckoo Bee; Fire-Tailed Resin Bee; Green and Gold Nomia; Harlequin Bee; Gold-Tipped Leafcutter; Neon Cuckoo Bee; Rayment’s Red Bee; Stingless Honeybee; Common Teddy Bear Bee; Tiger Nomia; and Common Wasp-Mimic Bee.

Next to each bee is a written description of the bee and a silhouette of its actual size.

The poster also features a piece on the introduced European Honeybee, for the purposes of comparison.

The posters, measuring 594mm x 420mm, are beautifully offset printed by Jennings Print Group on lovely thick 250gsm matt art paper.

Posters are rolled and shipped in sturdy poster tubes.

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