Australian Bushfood Kangaroo Leather Spice Kit

Australian Bushfood Kangaroo Leather Spice Kit


A beautifully handcrafted spice kit that has been made from kangaroo tail leather with four glass bottles containing a selection of Australian bushfood herbs and spices.

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A beautifully hand crafted spice kit that is designed to be taken on bush walks or camping trips and can easily be carried in a pocket or a backpack. The hand stitched, ethically sourced kangaroo leather pouch is approximately 12cm x 6.5cm in size and comes with the following Australian native spices.

The spices are in small glass jars with a cork lid. Colour coded stickers are on the bottom that correlate to the spice information insert inside the pouch.

Tasmanian Pepperberry
(Tasmannia lanceolata)
An amazing substitute for conventional pepper but with more of a herbal and nutty flavor profile. This Australian pepper delivers a sharper and hotter punch than it’s conventional counterpart. Recommended to be added at the end of cooking time with dishes like stews or casseroles to deliver maximum flavor.

Old Man Saltbush
(Atriplex nummularia)
Can be used as a substitute for regular salt with 30% less sodium. Saltbush works great as a rub on meats like lamb or pork. Can be added to salad dressings or used in charcuterie and sausage making.

Native Thyme
(Prostanthera incisa)
A complex flavor that has hints of oregano and sage but with its own earthy tones. A flavoursome herb to add to pasta dishes and casseroles. Also works great baked in a damper style bread.

Lemon Myrtle
(Backhousia citriodora)
One of the better known Australian bush foods with an intensely citrus smell and flavor. Can be added to curries to add a lemon flavour, baked in breads or made into a tea.

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